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   The Philosophy for Zekkou Marketing - Women must learn to love themselves. Bubble Nara (MIT) understands that a thousand miles begins with a single step.Women are constantly searching for a Good shoes to ease tiredness and pamper themselves every day. 

 Bubble Nara (MIT) established since 2004 is finally here ! Brought to Malaysia is exclusively by Zekkou Marketing with an emphasis on quality materials, craftsmanship, innovation and contemporary design.  All shoes are handmade with materials sourced from Taiwan manufacturers and suppliers. Enjoy our handmade shoes wherever your journey takes you… 

波波娜拉 台湾手工鞋草创于 2004年。 品牌创立初衷 : 追寻好穿的鞋。  时尚女性是时候好好爱自己, 让劳累的双足拥有一双舒服的鞋,穿得久還要很順眼。

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